K-12 education funding plans were discussed on Monday in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. (TRT: 1:07) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


The Senate Ways & Means Committee on Monday heard a Democratic proposal to address full funding for K-12 education. Competing plans to address levy reform were also a topic of conversation.

Democrats are proposing a high earners capital gains tax to be paid by 7,500 of the wealthiest people in the state, while a Republican plan proposes to raise the existing property tax on millions of Washingtonians.

Sen. Christine Rolfes of Kitsap County sponsored the comprehensive education funding plan in order to satisfy the Supreme Court’s order to fully fund K-12 education.

Sen. Christine Rolfes, D-Kitsap County: (TRT: 31) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “When taken into partnership with Sen. Hargrove’s levy reduction plan that we looked at last Friday, it truly is revenue neutral. It’s taking the capital gains tax and it’s a one-for-one swap with our local levies. So, for every dollar we put in to compensation from the state, from the capital gains tax, we’re reducing local dollars by one dollar. So, unlike the bill we looked at on Friday where there were very uneven impacts across school districts – this is purely a one-to-one relationship.”

Nicole Vukonich reporting in Olympia.