Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson issued the statement below following the release of the Senate Republican budget Tuesday:

“Senate Republicans, 20 of whom voted for an $11 billion gas tax increase less than a month ago, today showed an unwillingness to prioritize kids in the same way they prioritize concrete.

“Rather than long-term solutions and dedicated funding for our state’s one million school kids, we saw the same old script – a plan which begs, borrows and steals from all other areas of the budget, relying on gimmicks, debt, cuts to state services and taking money from local governments to make ends meet while asking for nothing from the wealthiest Washingtonians.

“We’ve heard for months from Republicans that we have $3 billion in additional revenue. If that were true, then why are we taking hundreds of millions from infrastructure improvements, cutting the social safety net and underfunding early learning?

“The Supreme Court was clear – we must have dedicated and sustainable funding for education. Instead we have yet another exercise in bumper-sticker policy making and a budget that kicks the can down the road for another year.

“When families or businesses have expenses, they simply can’t charge their way out of trouble and create more debt. This is no way to run a household, a business or a state.”