The life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was honored in the Washington State Senate on Monday. (TRT: 1:01) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


While many people had Monday off of work and school as a holiday, the Washington State Senate took some time to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sen. Bob Hasegawa of Seattle:

Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle: (TRT: 24 ) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “Dr. King had a unique perspective. He not only, fought for civil rights, but he viewed civil rights in the larger context of social justice, and that included economic justice. He saw the value of working families or the oppressed to be able to organize for political power, so they could elevate their standing.”

Newly elected Sen. Pramila Jayapal of Seattle spoke to Dr. King’s legacy.

Sen. Pramila Jayapal, D-Seattle: (TRT: 20 ) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “What makes leaders great is the ability to look beyond accepted wisdom and actually to genuine truth. Against all odds, Dr. King helped organize and lead a movement that forced our nation’s leaders to remember what it is that makes America great.

Nicole Vukonich reporting in Olympia.