A bill in the Washington State Senate would give the state’s oil transportation safety regulations a much needed update.  Ian Cope reports.  (TRT: 1:04)  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Calling the rash of oil-related mishaps in North America “a wake-up call,” Kitsap County Sen. Christine Rolfes is sponsoring legislation to protect Washington’s communities and waterways from an environmental catastrophe.  The Oil Transportation Safety Act is designed to update and align regulations dealing with the shipment of oil by train and by ship by requiring more tug escorts, the strengthening of tug boat operator safety standards and more sharing of information between oil companies and the communities through which the oil passes.  Rolfes says with proper safety guidelines, Washington can benefit from the shipment of oil out of state ports while still supporting existing jobs and protecting its natural resources.

Sen. Rolfes (TRT: 10)  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “This bill is not about stopping the terminals or stopping the transportation of oil.  This bill is about public safety and it’s about protecting the environment and Washington’s jobs.” 

Many of the state’s laws dealing with oil transportation have not been updated since the 1970s.  Rolfes says communities have the right to know what is being moved through their towns, cities and waterways and need to know that safety standards are being updated to meet changing conditions.