Members of the Washington State Senate paused on Friday to honor the life and work of former South African President Nelson Mandela.  Ian Cope reports.  (TRT: 1:06)  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.


The second week of the 2014 session began and ended with resolutions honoring men who fought for and sacrificed their lives for justice and the end of oppression.  On Monday, the Senate honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  On Friday, the Senate memorialized South African President Nelson Mandela,  who spent a third of his life behind bars for fighting to end apartheid in South Africa and emerged from prison to be elected president, unifying his country by extending a peaceful hand to his former captors rather than seeking retribution.  Seattle Sen. David Frockt offered Friday’s resolution as an opportunity to learn from Mandela’s example and continue the fight for justice and equality.

Sen. Frockt (TRT: 16) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “The lesson of his life is that the fight against oppression and the fight for equality and justice and fairness in their society in South Africa but also in our country is crucial and it’s something that goes on and it doesn’t really end and you have to be prepared to fight hard and to do hard things.”

Frockt says while the political disagreements in the Washington State Legislature pale in comparison to the struggles Mandela faced, the compassion and understanding he displayed offer lessons to learned and followed by all.