Senate Democratic Caucus leader Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, issued the statement below following Gov. Jay Inslee’s State of the State speech:

“I am glad the governor took such a strong stance on issues important to our caucus – particularly his call to action on fully funding education, passing a transportation investment package and calling on the Senate to pass the Dream Act.

“The State of the State speech is a great opportunity to take stock of what needs to be done in Washington over the course of a year, and I applaud the governor for laying out an ambitious agenda for 2014. Though the Senate and House have only 60 days to get Washington’s work done for the year, it is enough time to address the important issues on the table. These issues include developing an education funding plan by the Supreme Court’s deadline of April 30th, and passing a balanced transportation package before the Legislature adjourns in March.

“Our caucus is diverse, but we all share the core value of putting people over party and power. I know that we have colleagues across the aisle who share that value. I call on them to work with us to bring the necessary votes to the floor of the Senate that will allow us to act on these critical issues and continue moving Washington forward.”