Less than 24 hours after being elected as Senate Democratic Leader, Sen. Sharon Nelson is making good on her promise to keep Democratic priorities in the limelight. Ian Cope reports.



For more than two years, Sen. Sharon Nelson has sponsored legislation to ban toxic flame retardants in children’s toys, car seats and furniture. On Thursday, she announced that she will continue the effort to pass the Toxic Free Kids and Families Act.

Sen. Nelson (TRT: 18 sec) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “We have to get this bill passed this year. It’s common sense. It’s for our babies. It’s for our children. It’s for our families. We cannot have the American Chemistry Council telling this state what is safe for our children, because these products are not.”

Nelson’s statement on Thursday coincided with a release from the Washington Toxics Coalition, containing the results of testing on more than 4o pieces of children’s furniture. Those tests found that the foam cushions on 90 percent of the tested furniture contained flame retardants linked to serious health problems, including cancer, fertility issues and genetic damage. Using those results, Nelson says she will work with the Coalition to pass the Toxic Free Kids and Families Act during the 2014 session, which would ban the use of flame retardants listed by the state as a “high concern to children.” The session is scheduled to begin on Jan. 13.