The Washington State Senate Democrats have a new leader. Ian Cope reports.  (TRT: 57 sec) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Saying she was honored to be chosen by her colleagues, Sen. Sharon Nelson of Maury Island was elected as leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus, only the second woman to hold that position. Calling herself a uniter who is driven by the will of her constituents, Nelson says she will work across the aisle with Senate Republicans when she can, but emphasized those areas important to Senate Democrats will be brought to the forefront.

Sen. Nelson (TRT: 19 sec) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “The past year has shown the difference between the Democrats and our Republican colleagues. Women’s right to choose. Toxic Free Kids Act. Looking at other environmental issues as well as other issues as far as protecting the safety net. And we are going to be featuring those areas when we can and I am very pleased to be leading this caucus; it’s a great caucus.”