Two bills designed to win the manufacturing site for a new generation of Boeing airliners have cleared the Washington State Legislature. Ian Cope reports. (TRT: 1:29) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


The Legislature has approved a pair of bills designed to keep thousands of aerospace jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue in state. Senate Bill 5952 and House Bill 2088 will extend tax exemptions for The Boeing Company through the year 2040, increase enrollment in aerospace training courses and speed up construction of facilities to build the triple-7X airliner and in its new generation composite wing. Senate Ways & Means Committee Ranking Member Jim Hargrove says the bills are the first step in a process that impacts every person in Washington.

Sen. Hargrove (TRT: 23 sec) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “You know, we are all connected in this state, and certainly all the taxpayers in this state are going to benefit from the economic activity that comes from this industry staying in the state. It cannot be lost; this affects every taxpayer in the state, because it will effectively keep their taxes down to fund the schools and the services and the things we need in the state because Boeing is here and that economic activity is here.”

Along with continuing Washington’s relationship with Boeing, Raymond Sen. Brian Hatfield says the Legislature’s action sends a strong message to the company and its workers that they stand with them.

Sen Hatfield (TRT: 16 sec) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “I think it sends a very strong message not only to the Boeing Corporation but to the workers as well that we are all in this together, we are all behind you and we want to keep you working here. We’re certainly going to partner up with the industry, with the machinists and keep Boeing here and hopefully building airplanes for the next hundred years.”

The bills were immediately sent to the governor for his signature. The Legislature will now wait for Wednesday’s vote by Boeing employees on new contract; another requirement for Washington to maintain its aerospace legacy.