How a bill becomes law: Step 2

You may remember a few weeks ago, our team dropped SB 6345 in the hopper to start its legislative journey. In this week’s installment, SB 6345, a bill to impose a 10-year moratorium on fracking in Washington state, received a hearing in the Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee. The hearing gave the public (and me!) the chance to testify on the bill.

The committee passed the bill to the Senate Rules Committee. Next week our story continues as little SB 6345 tries to become a law.

Does this remind you of School House Rock? Click here to watch how a bill becomes law.

Women’s healthcare bills

Last week, the Senate passed three important bills that would further women’s healthcare and protect reproductive freedom. SB 6219, SB 5912, and SB 5084 will ensure better access and comprehensive care for women.





Registering to vote!

As we work to pass a package of bills to expand voting access for eligible Washingtonians, a personal highlight for me last week was taking my daughter to register to vote on her 18th birthday. What an enjoyable intersection of work, family and citizenship!

Remember, you can register to vote online or in-person at the Spokane County Elections Office.




Keep in touch

Please keep in touch throughout the legislative session. I value your input as we work to improve opportunity and prosperity in our state. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a comment, idea or question.
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