Sunday was the final day of the 2017 regular legislative session and we have good news and disappointing news to report.

First, the good news. In the final days of session, we unanimously passed a significant and responsible transportation budget. This transportation budget continued funding for important Spokane investments like the North Spokane Corridor and the U-District Gateway Bridge. New funding was also included to help rebuild a pedestrian bridge over the north span of the Spokane River in Riverfront Park.

Now the disappointing news. Senate Republicans have refused to negotiate on a final operating budget, which is the largest piece of unfinished business we have left to do this year. As a result, we are in special session.

Education Policy Progress

While the overall operating budget negotiations have not begun, there is some progress being made regarding education policy. I am back in Olympia this week as one of the education leaders and we are having substantive and productive discussions.

We still have heavy lifting to do, but I remain confident that we can work together to find a solution for Washington’s 1.1 million public school students without balancing the budget on the backs of working families and small businesses. We can only do this if we work together. We have done it before and we can do it again. Stay tuned for updates on our progress throughout the special session.

Future Leaders

Last week we had the pleasure of sponsoring two pages from Spokane, Rachel Boose and Emily Polhamus. Both pages spent a week in Olympia assisting me and the rest of the Senate. They also attended Senate page school to learn about our state government and civic education. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious and I’m grateful they were able to join us.

Keep in Touch

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