Landing the 777x

On very short notice, Governor Inslee last week called a special legislative session to consider a package of bills to ensure that the Boeing Company will build the new 777x and its composite wings in Washington State. There were three key parts of the package:

1. Extension of current preferential tax rates for aerospace manufacturing.

2. Expansion of workforce training programs, particularly focused on carbon fiber composite manufacturing.

3. A comprehensive transportation revenue package to increase investment in maintenance and improvements to our transportation infrastructure.

We passed legislation to accomplish the first two items (preferential tax rates and workforce training). I voted in support of both bills. While I am often skeptical of increasing tax preferences, this was an extension of preferences already in place and already proven to deliver $3 in direct revenue for the state for every $1 in tax break.

By landing the 777x production in our state, we retain 20,000 jobs from the current 777 line plus add 10,000 direct additional jobs with the new 777x. In addition, there are many more jobs retained and created from the downstream manufacturing suppliers all over the state, including the Spokane area.

We were not able to pass the third piece of the package, a transportation investment plan. This transportation plan is critical to Boeing and to the entire state. I remain optimistic that we will be able to continue negotiations and arrive at a bipartisan transportation package before the end of the year.

Team Billig needs you!

We are hiring for our session aide position. This two month job in our Olympia office during the 2014 session is a great opportunity to serve our community and learn about the legislative process. Here’s a link to the job description. If you are eager to join our team, please submit your resume and a letter of interest via e-mail to

Next Mobile Office

We’ve received excellent feedback during our first two 3rd LD Mobile Office events. This is an excellent opportunity to chat informally with your Legislators, ask questions, or provide input on issues that are important to you.

Please join us tomorrow at our third and final mobile office before the 2014 session:

Wednesday, November 13th
Northeast Community Center
4001 N. Cook
3:30-5:00pm (drop-in anytime)

Keeping In Touch

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