Current general fund budget

Do it yourself: Balance the state budget
The remainder of the legislative session will be dominated by the state’s operating budget. Budget proposals from the Senate and House are expected over the next two weeks. The budget proposals usually follow the March revenue forecast, which was released last Wednesday.

This latest revenue forecast was consistent with previous forecasts and we continue to face an approximate $1.3 billion projected shortfall at the end of the next two year budget cycle if we were to make no changes to current law. However, our state always has a balanced budget so we will make decisions over the next month that will bring the budget into balance.

In addition to making up for the projected shortfall, the legislature also needs to invest an additional $1.4 billion in K-12 education to meet our constitutional obligation to fully fund basic education.

The Seattle Times has posted an interactive budget feature on their website that lets you consider the decisions that face the Legislature. It offers a list of possible cuts and new revenue sources, allowing you to mix and match your way to a balanced budget.

This widget helps illustrate the size of the budget challenge and the difficult choices we are facing. Please give it a try, and then let me know the choices you make. What do you think the right course for balancing the state budget? Would you reduce services even if it ends up costing the state more money in the long run? What investments in our community would you enhance? Are you willing to increase revenue to make those critical investments? There is a lot at stake as we make these budget decisions and it will take everybody to be part of the solution so I look forward to your responses.

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